The thought of being able to get yourself to the gym and transform your body in 28 days may seem far-fetched. Even though it happens to plenty of us at some point in life, sitting around feeling overweight, unfit and unhealthy has a habit of perpetuating itself.

We’re betting that you don’t want to be splashing out on expensive gym memberships, only to end up feeling even worse because the only thing that lost weight was your wallet.

Wouldn’t you rather be someone who sets realistic, achievable goals?

The latter option really just means eating less (and healthier), and committing to regular exercise… it also happens to be the most sensible, sustainable option.  

What if we told you there was a quick and easy-ish route to body fitness success? That there was a way to transform your body in 28 days?

As it happens, there is: by applying the principles of healthy eating and exercise, but with a shortcut on the exercise front.

Feeling like crap doesn’t have to be inevitable; nor does it have to be a huge challenge, believe it or not.

Whatever the time of year, you can definitely muster the motivation to start doing better.

MedFanatic is here to help you transform your body in 28 days with a few simple exercises you can do at home.

Check out these five surprisingly simple exercises. It may not sound like a lot, but trust us, if you do them consistently and correctly, it’s possible to see a significant transformation in only four weeks!

Yeah, you heard that right: F-O-U-R WEEKS.

Without further ado, let’s get right into these simple exercises that will enable you transform your body in 28 days!

#1. Simple exercises: Plank

Plank is a really simple exercise since all you need is the floor…

But don’t be fooled―it’s not easy to maintain the position for extended periods straight off the bat!

Plank works the abs, core and shoulders all at once, and the position is easy to get right.

Keep practicing and you should be able to work your way up to holding it for a full minute in no time.

  • To get into plank, move your body into a press-up position with your legs straightened behind you.
  • Next, bend your elbows at ninety degrees with your forearms on the ground and push up until your arms are straight (shoulders aligned above the wrists).
Transform your body in 28 days with this simple exercise plank

You’ll be balancing on your toes, and the idea is to hold your body in a straight line from head to foot.

You should be able to feel it in the core and shoulders―which is a good sign it’s working!

You might feel a bit shaky at first but once you manage to consistently hold it for a minute, you’ll start to see good results going forward.

#2. Simple exercises: Push-ups

If we’re going to be totally honest with you, soldiers and gym bunnies make them look so easy, but you’ll agree with us that everyday people aren’t always sold on the idea.

Sure, it can take some time to build the strength to carry your own body weight this way, but it has to be said that the good old push-up is one of the best exercises you can do.

It works your whole body, quickly building strength and promoting muscle tone.

  • The best push-up position is to place your hands on the ground, making sure to align your wrists almost vertically below your shoulders.
  • With your legs straightened out behind you, lower yourself down gradually without meeting the floor.
  • Push slowly back up, and repeat.
Transform your body in 28 days with this simple exercise push up

You should do as many reps as you can manage―at least 7 for beginners and 20 or more as you get better­―before collapsing in a sweating heap on the floor.

Sorry if we struck a nerve there but, you’ll understand, we have to be realistic in order to enable you transform your body in 28 days!

Always remember that with time, you’ll probably be able to manage a few more each day.

#3. Simple exercises: Squats

Squats seem a little more palatable than press-ups and planks… unless you’re incorporating a barbell with a shed load of extra kilos piled on, of course.

Regardless, squats are a winner when it comes to strength and muscle tone.

They’re the best way to attain a shapely butt―a common goal for most women―and they’ll promote stronger calf muscles, quads and hamstrings, as well as a strengthened core.

  • To squat effectively, without toppling over backwards/straining your knees and street cred in equal measures, position your feet so that they’re shoulder-width apart, or a little wider.
  • Next, facing forward, reach your hands out in front, as this helps with balance and also helps to tone the arms.
  • Slowly start to sit as if you were expecting to land on a chair.
    If you don’t trust yourself, put a chair there―only you don’t actually sit on it as that would be rather ridiculous and ultimately defeat the idea of a worthwhile workout session altogether
  • Keep your back straight, and only stop when you find your hamstrings are parallel to the floor.
  • Then, slowly push back up to neutral and repeat.


Seems like the real deal, huh? If you really want to go for it, you could hold some free-weights while you do it.

Be warned, when new to squats: DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and stairs are certain things you won’t want to face if you decide to go so hard at it too soon!

#4. Simple exercises: Hip Raises (Hip Lifts)

This simple exercise is all about the glutes―for the gym-shy, that’s the muscles in your butt―and hamstrings.

It also benefits your abs, back, and quads (anterior thigh muscles).

In yoga, they call this ‘the bridge’ and others may call it the ‘glute bridge’, which may give you an idea of what the position looks like.

To do a hip raise properly, you’ll need to be lying on the floor:


Transform your body in 28 days with this simple exercise hip raise
  • Lying on your back, place your feet on the floor, with bent knees.
  • Now, stretch your arms out at a forty-five-degree angle on both sides.
  • Squeeze your glutes together and raise your hips up as high as you can, tilting the pelvis.
  • Hold it as long as you can, and then lower your hips back down to the floor.

#5. Simple exercises: The ‘Bird-dog’

Of all 5 simple exercises to transform your body in 28 days, this exercise is touted by yogis as one of the best for boosting core strength and easing back pain.

The bird-dog is pretty simple to get the hang of.


Simple exercise bird-dog
  • Bring your hands and knees into an all-fours position evenly, keeping a straight back.
  • Make sure your shoulders are directly above your arms and your hips likewise above your knees.
  • Now, reach straight out in front with your right arm at the same time as you stretch your left leg out straight behind you.
  • Keep them both straight the whole time, and aligned at the same height as your poker-straight back.
  • Hold this for a few moments, then move slowly back to neutral position and repeat on the opposite side (left arm, right leg).

Simple exercise sets to transform your body in 28 days

Now that you know how to do these simple exercises, you’ll no doubt be wondering about the combinations that will give you the best results.

Breaking it down into two workouts―set 1 and set 2―alternate them on different days.

weekly workout schedule at home

In set 1, plan on resting for around ten seconds between each exercise. Feel free to perform them in any order.

Set 1:

  • Plank – a minute
  • Press-ups – a minute 
  • Bird-dog – a minute
  • Hip raises – a minute
  • Squats – two minutes
  • Plank – a minute
  • Press-ups – a minute 
  • Squats – two minutes

Set 2:

Note that as set 2 is more strenuous, because you’ll be required to hold the positions for much longer periods, you should take at least fifteen seconds rest between each exercise.

  • Plank – three minutes
  • Hip-raises – three minutes
  • Bird-dog – three minutes
  • Press-ups – a minute

As mentioned, it’s better to alternate your workouts in order to get the best results in 28 days.

So, you could start-off with set 1 on the first day, and on the second day take it up with set 2.

Then you should keep alternating for six days in total. On the seventh day you’ll have a much-needed day off… breathe out!

The effort you exert doing these exercises promotes fat burning, and although we aren’t suggesting that you’ll experience total transformation in four weeks, that time period should be enough to see some promising change.

What more motivation do you need to keep going than that? Remember to combine this with healthy eating, and your vitality levels will shoot through the roof.