When your life is bursting at the seams with commitments and activities, sometimes fitness gets so easily put on the back burner and it becomes difficult to stay fit.

It may feel like a low priority compared to deadlines, family and other important aspects of daily life… but your level of fitness affects your general wellbeing and capability; it can also have a direct impact on your health.

We all know that if we don’t have our health, not much else matters!

Guess what? You don’t need to deprioritize every other aspects of your life to be physically active.

In fact, there are ways to stay fit when you have a busy life―all that is needed is a little creativity.

Another thing I probably don’t need to tell you is that habits quickly become ingrained.

If you’re not used to making time for exercise, the longer you leave it, the harder it will become.

To counter that potential problem, MedFanatic has a few suggestions as to how you can incorporate fitness into your daily life―no matter how busy you are.  

Let’s do this guys!

Ways to stay fit #1: Make a plan and commit to it  

Once you’ve promised yourself you’re going to get your fitness act together, don’t allow your creativity to come up with the kind of excuses that creep in and knock you off track… pun intended!

Your diary may well look like a spaghetti junction but surely it’s possible to find one or two spare hours at least―even if it requires a little rejig.

Take each week as it comes, but commit to going over your schedule before the week starts, then find a couple of activities that can be done in the spare hours you can muster.

In terms of activities, you don’t need to look far for ways to stay fit.

Check out your local fitness clubs for drop-in classes, and online listings for local gatherings. You may be surprised how many people organize group activities in a local park, from yoga sessions to tai chi, running clubs, boot camps and cycling groups.

This way you can avoid the monthly gym membership fees that inevitably go straight down the U-bend and leave you feeling guilty.

Get a list of interesting options together and then plot a couple in your diary and sign up.

Ways to stay fit #2: Incorporate exercise into daily activities

Did you ever imagine that you could get fit at your desk if need be? Some people use standing desks so that they’re not sat down all day, for instance.

I’m not suggesting you change up your office equipment―it’s just an example of how creative you can get if you want to burn extra calories.

Keeping fit from day-to-day is a case of mindfulness, really; you can take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator at any opportunity.

If you want an extra bit of fat burn, take them two at a time… provided that you’re sure you won’t break your neck!

Take a walk during your lunch break. When heading somewhere further out, get on a bicycle―rent one if you have to―instead of taking the bus or a cab.

Or leave early and walk; the endorphins released through a long or brisk walk will spur you on to do it more regularly, no doubt.

Dog-walking exercise

Those who have to travel a lot can make use of hotel gyms and pools… just be sure to always pack some working out kit and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Got a dog? Fantastic! Your dog will love you for an extra walk each day―guaranteed you don’t miss out on any.

Even if you don’t have a dog, give your house a more regular clean, or get the gardening gloves on and tidy up your outside areas.

You’ll never run out of options if you put your mind to it. 

Ways to stay fit #3: Make use of your bodyweight… no equipment required!  

Even if you like lifting weights and building muscle, you don’t need the gym. A little ingenuity as to how to move your own body, combined with novel use of everyday items will work just fine.

OK, so you may not achieve the physique of a body builder this way, but if you were that way inclined, you’d already be hitting the gym daily.

Work out at home using your own bodyweight whenever you’ve got a spare half an hour or so.

The quicker the pace, the higher the fat burn too. High intensity exercise is great for improving cardiovascular health, metabolism, stamina and muscle tone.

It’s even possible to transform your body in 28 days with simple home-based exercises! All you need to do is learn the correct positioning.

Let’s face it, developing a limp or hunchback is seriously counter-productive.

Before you know it you’ll be squatting, lunging, pushing up, performing perfect planks and whatever other moves take your fancy.

You could even get a workout partner and you two and come up with interesting exercises!

Exercise partner

Make use of walls, sofas, dining chairs and other furniture if you need some stability, or a replacement for a gym bench, for instance.

If you really want to build the biceps, grab (or make) a couple of sand bags, or fill empty water bottles with sand or water. Who says you need to splash out on sets of dumbbells?

MedFanatic know that fitness is an integral part of long-term health. Watch this space (i.e. the fitness part of our blog!) for more fitness-related articles aimed at helping you stay on top of your game.